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Intimate attraction. Thread initially posted in the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 04 Jun 2005, and today archived when you look at the Forum Library.

Intimate attraction. Thread initially posted in the Aeclectic Tarot Forum on 04 Jun 2005, and today archived when you look at the Forum Library.

Ace wands? 8 wands? the devil?

Ace of Pentacles..representing physical offers.. VIII Strength with respect to the surrounding cards VII Chariot as well once more depending on the nearby cards..I Magician- attraction.


Knight of cups is a, er, ‘gentleman’ i mean if you know what.

And lastly the lovers enclosed by wands I suppose, good wands at that.

I’m also able to imagine the Knight of Wands and Devil functioning into the in an identical way, though with additional experimentation (We frequently start to see the King of Wands as skilled into the art of seduction, and also the Knight of Wands as nevertheless prepared to decide to try such a thing brand new within the sex game.)

Once I’m reading using the Thoth deck, the energy card (Lust) usually assumes on an even more sexual face, as well as in past readings has popped up to suggest a phsyical, intimate attraction.

The Ace of Wands has additionally cropped up indicating the intimate work it self – well, into the Robin Wood deck it really is undeniably an erect phallus and testicles – and many more then when we saw it in conjunction with the Ace of Cups. (Though this pairing i’ve also viewed as representing not merely a union that is sexual attraction, but a spiritual, sacred one also – it really is all of that neo-Pagan imagery for the Great Rite!)

Funnily sufficient, i recall doing a reading for a lady about her love life, while the 3 of Cups came up. She pointed off to me personally that she actually fancied her two buddies and would want a threesome together with them!

Oh, not to mention the enthusiasts and 2 of Cups, however these cards frequently state if you ask me that there’s perhaps not attraction that is just sexual but a religious connection – love, rather than just lust.

Perhaps the entire world card could be look over too as attempting to consumate a encounter that is sexual some times? I have look over someplace about it card being a symbol for female genitalia. I concur with the Ace of Wands resembling a fallus in certain decks, plus in the majority of the other cards you have got stated.

I look mostly for wand cards when it referes to attraction and desire (more than action.

Ace of pentacles (in my situation) is obviously a rush–more that is libidinal compared to ace of wands. An ace of swords is an effort that is intellectual the ace of cups just isn’t always about intercourse.

Something else: The five of pentacles might refer to internet dating

Knight of Wands—Party Animal, here, Cheers tomorrow Knight of Swords—Fetishist Knight of Pentacles—Keeping it real (he might suffer from a lack of imagination)–He likes stuff the way it is today. Well ended up. Elegant kid. Delivers in type. Knight of Cups—just how dreamy can you get? Behold the Dreamer—or in case your karma is really elegant—A Tantric Lovegod.

Something else: The five of pentacles might refer to internet dating

Just interested exactly how 5 of pentacles could possibly be regarded as internet dating?

Therefore I think, well if you glance at what star signs signify to you personally something about that my very first impressions will be Taurus and Scorpio. In order to glance at exactly what cards mirror these celebrity indications We have an astrolgy book (Signs and symptoms of Life, Your Astrology help guide to 2005, Tracey Godfrey) that has a tarot card assigned every single star indication. Therefore for Taurus we now have The Hierophant, but do not actually observe how which can be associated with this! and for Scorpio we now have Death, another strange one. Perchance you should glance at the court cards, therefore for Taurus it could be Queen of Pentacles as well as for Scorpio it might be Queen of Cups.

I possibly could be method of track, but I was thinking that a go would be had by me.

Regarding signs of the zodiac + the court cards, i believe the Golden Dawn correlated the Queens using the Cardinal indications: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries. The kings are fixed: Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo. Together with Knights are mutable: Pisces, Gemini, Saggitarius, Virgo. I believe the Hierophant ruled by Taurus (or the other way around) is because of the Babylonian myth associated with the goddess Ishtar and Tammuz (her mortal boyfriend) that has become sacrificed–he’s the bull/priest that is original.

earth en woman, be sure to be my visitor.

Really it fits very well. Scorpio is the indication of transformation, the sign of the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Destruction, rebirth and birth are typical themes with this particular indication. Additionally, Pluto the roman god of death (Hades for geeks) is ScorpioÒ‘s ruling earth.

The attraction that is sexual had been initially published on 04 Jun 2005 within the Using Tarot Cards board, and is now archived into the Forum Library. See the threads in making use of Tarot Cards, or read more archived threads. Using Tarot Cards Threads by > Sexual attraction –> month

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